BUY NOWKate, as the whole world knows her, is living the dream of every little girl by winning the heart of a prince and becoming a Princess. But what is the reality behind our favourite fairy tale?

In this compelling biography, bestselling author Sean Smith retraces the steps of Kate’s journey from a rural childhood in Berkshire to her unhappy time as a victim of school bullies and to her transformation from a plain, gangly girl into a royal beauty. He reveals the true story of how she and William fell in love and what actually happened when their relationship hit the rocks. He also examines her emergence as a fashion icon and her relationship with her sister, Pippa Middleton.

Bringing the story right up to date he reveals the ups and downs of her first royal year including her American triumph, Christmas at Sandringham and her future as a Queen-in-waiting.

This is the most revealing and unmissable account of Kate’s life to date.


“The Queen, who had missed her son Charles’s graduation from Cambridge, gave William a pat of congratulation as she left. She wasn’t introduced to Kate. If she had been, in such public surroundings, it would have been seized on as giving Kate some sort of royal approval which wasn’t appropriate at that time. Who could say for sure what would happen to William and Kate’s relationship in the ‘big wide world’.

After all the parents and families had left, it was time for the new graduates to get down to the more serious matter of the graduation ball, held in a large marquee behind St Salvatore’s Hall. It brought the curtain down on a truly happy time in William and Kate’s lives. For once, William was relaxed enough to show his affection for his girlfriend publicly: as they queued to be served at the bar, he pinched Kate’s bottom.”

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The updated paperback edition of Kate is now available in all the bookstores and selling nicely. I can’t believe it’s already a year since I was jammed into the Mall trying to get a glimpse of Kate Middleton. I was lucky in that I ended in front of Buckingham Palace just in time to see the newly married couple kiss on the balcony. It wasn’t much of a kiss to be perfectly honest but nobody seemed to mind.

In the twelve months since the wedding Kate has become the darling of the glossy magazines although she doesn’t have the charisma factor of the late Princess Diana. But then, who does? She has a ready smile and an enthusiastic approach not yet dulled by endless repetition of putting on smart frocks and shaking a thousand hands.

However, I wanted to find something extra to look at in the new material. So I asked around, not among media folk and professional commentators but members of the public who like to gossip about the latest royal matters. I wanted to know what the talk was at the school gates.

It was soon clear to me that the chief topic of conversation was Kate’s weight. ‘She’s too thin’ was the general observation. Nobody it seemed was much interested in her latest outfit, although the papers continue to say how ‘stunning’ she looks.

One of the reasons the media is reluctant to make too much of Kate’s weight loss is because Princess Diana shocked the world with the discovery that she struggled with bulimia in private when she looked so good in public. We would all be horrified if, say, five years down the line, we discovered Kate had a problem and nobody had done anything to help.