Tommy Woodward was a young man going nowhere when he was discovered singing Jerry Lee Lewis songs in a South Wales club. Tom Jones – The Life follows his remarkable journey from the humble terraced streets of a small mining village to an iconic position as the greatest male vocalist of modern times.


From his early battle with tuberculosis to struggling on the breadline for seven years to support his childhood sweetheart, Linda, and their son, Tom was no stranger to adversity when he finally got his big break with ‘It’s Not Unusual’.

His powerful voice and rugged charisma took both Britain and America by storm. The greatest stars of the day including Elvis Presley, Dionne Warwick and Frank Sinatra became friends.

Worldwide acclaim and great wealth led to a champagne lifestyle and tales of affairs and one night stands, but he always returned to the wife who stood by him.

By the eighties, Tom’s star was in decline, but the lad from Treforest could not be kept down. His son Mark help to reinvigorate a career that today is stronger than ever with a younger generation of top musicians clamouring to work with him.

Now a judge on The Voice, Sir Tom is a bona fide music legend and this is the story of the real man behind the larger-than-life image.

Leading UK celebrity biographer Sean Smith’s atmospheric and dramatic account of the great Tom Jones will delight and amaze you from the first page to the last.